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Traditional Victorian Sash Bay Secondary Sliders
Traditional Victorian Sash Bay Secondary Sliders
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Noise Insulation

Where noise is a really serious nuisance, in areas of heavy traffic or close proximity to railways and for properties on flight paths, Secondary Double Glazing can be upgraded to provide a significant level of transmitted sound reduction.

This is achieved by using Stadip Silence laminated glass, with a special acoustic PVB interlayer which acts as a dampening core between the two panes of glass. This prevents vibration and eliminates the problems of critical frequency transmission and high frequency acoustic peaks.

The PVB interlayer is transparent and colourless, thus resembling normal glass.

It is impossible to give exact figures for noise reduction in a particular situation without instructing a Consulting Acoustic Engineer to attend site and take measurements. This is because each situation will depend upon the different types of noise, direction, distance, etc. This would not be cost effective in a normal domestic situation.

However, as a good 'rule of thumb', fitting Stadip secondary double glazing inside a single glazed window would more than halve road traffic noise.

To put this in perspective, we reproduce below Customer letters (copies of originals are available upon request);

Norman D Kensington London SW10                                        28th February 2009

Dear Paul,

I did fax you a comments sheet but I just wanted to emphasise those points. Firstly the installation looks good (i.e. you can't see it!) and secondly, the noise reduction in the bedroom is remarkable. It is now necessary to look out of the window to see if there is any traffic - and that must be one of the busiest roads in London. One or two neighbours have had a look at/listen to it and asked for your details. I will pass them on.

Kind regards, Norman D

Kate and Dennis G. Fulham London SW6                                 1st September 2003

Dear Paul and Keith,

We wish to thank you for the secondary glazing system that was installed at our property last week. Thursday night was the first night we have slept a complete night through since we moved in to the flat! Furthermore, not only does it look like it is part of the existing window frame and therefore maintains the original character of the building, it has reduced the draught and noise levels from outside beyond our expectations. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Roger who installed the glazing system. We are highly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of all those we have dealt with and in particular the quick rate that the windows were manufactured and installed from the date of the quote. In short, we will have no hesitation in referring you to others looking for high quality secondary glazing systems.

Many thanks, Kate and Dennis G.

Should you require further information, advice or quotations for this application, please Contact Us.

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